WordPress 5.1 Released

Another big release follows close on the heels of the 5.0 rollout of WordPress.  5.1 adds a few new things to the most popular CMS.

  • Better responsiveness with the new Gutenberg editor
  • Site Health check on the hosting PHP version
  • More technical improvements

One of the big reasons we offer state of the art hosting is to keep everything up to date.  Our WordPress PRO plan not only includes updating WordPress versions, but our servers are next generation hosting on Google Cloud.  We are running the latest PHP version so site health checks will give a green light.

Want better support for your business website?  See how our WordPress PRO plan can help your website run clean, fast, and secure.


Cheap Hosting and Website Performance

Most business owners don’t understand the importance of having quality website hosting.  It’s understandable when it seems hosting is all the same it makes sense that you should just go for the cheapest. The problems with cheap hosting are:
  • Intermittent outages undetected – Unless you have uptime monitoring you won’t notice when the server is down.
  • Slow load times – What happens when you go to a website and it takes a long time to load?  You leave.
  • Poor Support – Hosting companies only handle hosting.  If you have other problems you’ll be told to hire a developer
This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more factors when it comes to supporting your website.  For more info check out https://blog.softwiredweb.com/premium-wordpress-hosting-will-boost-your-seo.  

New Years Business Hours

Are you closed on New Years Eve? If you are make sure you update your hours on Google My Business.  The easiest is to simply search for you business name then click on the card to edit business info. We also have a tool where you can update your hours on all your social websites at once.  https://www.softwiredweb.com/internet-marketing/local-business/ Happy New Year!

Update Your Copyright

It’s a new year and you probably are still shaking off the holidays.  As a reminder your website content is copyrighted only if you specify the year it was created on your website.  We put the something in the footer of your website to protect your content.  You can see below how our is: © Copyright 2006 – 2019 – Softwired Internet Marketing If you are a PRO Support Customer and don’t know how to update your copyright please submit a support ticket.