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Tario & Associates, P.S. came to us with an urgent need to fix the SEO issues that had been plaguing their website for years: despite being a prominent Bellingham law firm and investing thousands of dollars over five years’ time, the law firm was not showing up consistently in maps or page one of organic searches for relevant keywords and search terms. After firing their previous SEO help, they came to us asking if we could fix the situation. We took a look at their SEO analytics, their citations, and investigated the back-end of their website. Right off the bat, there were some glaring issues to fix such as site speed and citations. After diagnosing the problems, Softwired put together a plan and in only a few months Tario site traffic doubled traffic and business increased by 30%!

After reporting our findings and creating a plan to fix the problems, Mr. Tario hired us to get his SEO on track and we dove into the project.

Project goal

Our immediate goal was to get Tario & Associates, P.S. showing up on maps and organic search results on a consistent basis. A couple of months in and we were already seeing impressive results; they are now showing on search results and maps as they should have been all along.

Key results:

  • Tario reports that business has increased by 30%
  • Year over year site users is up by 117.49%
  • Year over year new site users is up by 116.56%
  • Sessions are up by 107.95%
  • Pageviews are up by 95.69%
  • 99% of citations are now synced

How we did it

We started with the big picture, identifying glaring issues that should be addressed right away. After working through those, we moved on to a long list of secondary issues.

How we fixed the SEO issues:

  • Check hosting – migrate to high performance cloud
  • Analyze and fix website performance for software issues and Core Web Vitals
  • Run SEO report for website optimizations
  • Fix on site SEO, get scores in green
  • Check Google Analytics and Search Console for issues and fixes
  • Run Local Business Snapshot Report, check scores
  • Fix citations with listing distribution, listing sync pro, and confirm NAP on website
  • Check Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and confirm sync
  • Check reviews and make recommendations
  • Check social media activity
  • Run advanced SEO reports with SEM Rush for deeper insights and keywords

They are so pleased with the results we have gotten for them in just a few months’ time. As we wrap up the behind the scenes work of fixing any remaining small issues, we are already looking ahead to bigger picture concepts like how social media best practices and home page content can further cement strong search engine results.