Why You Need Digital Ads

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Why You Need Digital Ads

Gone are the days when you just need a website and some SEO to get customers from the internet. Over the years it’s gotten much more difficult due to the competition and easily available tools for your competitors. Even if you’ve dominated rankings in the past we now see diminished results across the board.

Google dominates the industry. Over the years more of the search results page (SERP) has been taken up by ads. Some competitive search terms don’t show any organic results above the fold.

So now we must put a little money into SEO with digital ads to get the results we need to see for businesses. The good news is there is positive ROI when done right. To get started you need help from an agency to learn the ropes and not waste money and time.

Want to see the ROI on ad spend? Check out this tool: Ad Calculation Tool

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