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WordPress PRO Terms of Service Update

We’ve updated our terms of service in the category of paid vs unpaid support.

In the past, we’ve had clients adding plugins to their websites which generates extra support which isn’t included in our terms.  In order to accommodate the wants and needs of our customers, we have an option for paid support for client-managed enhancements.  Basically if making any configuration changes or adding in plugins or other enhancements, we need to charge hourly for additional support.

The process usually consists of setting up a staging site for the update.  Clients can use the staging site as a sandbox to work as they see fit.  Once they’ve completed testing, we need to inspect the website for onboarding back onto your PRO plan and push the enhancement live.  This is not guaranteed though, because adding weak or unsupported plugins weakens the entire system and could cause a termination of the plan.  It’s generally a good idea to let us know in advance so we can pre-authorize additional plugins.

We are proud to offer world-class support for our clients who are using WordPress as their website system. 


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