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Here at Softwired, our team is committed to learning about you and your business’s needs. Operating since 2006, we know no business is the same and that’s exactly why we thrive. Building genuine relationships with our clients is what gives us the power to build and implement marketing strategies that work.

Leveraging the knowledge of knowing exactly what our customers want, we can create inbound marketing strategies that let you, our customers, focus on what you do best.
We are a full-service digital agency. From web development, SEO, digital marketing, sales, custom software development, and more.

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How we work

Over the years, we’ve been committed to using innovative practices that push us to the leading edge of innovations in digital marketing. We know digital marketing strategies are being created and developed every day, and our decisions and strategies reflect that.

The Softwired team takes pride every day in knowing that our customers entrusted us to enhance their business, and increase their bottom line.

Meet the team


Tony Sova


Tony started Softwired after corporate burnout as a software engineer brought him back to his home town in 2006. Knowing he had no more stomach for the corporate environment he knew the only choice was to start a business and decided he liked the creative environment of website design. After surviving the first few years in a bad economy he now spends a lot of time building new business services in the area of search engine optimization and internet marketing.


Oralie Chapman

Project Manager

Oralie started her freelance marketing business after becoming a mom, realizing that a full time corporate job selling advertising wasn’t the right fit anymore. She helps with copywriting, social media profiles and blogging for digital marketing, sales/customer service and web content layout. Having grown up in Canada, Oralie moved to Bellingham in May, 2003 for her now husband. They have two young daughters. She completed her business and marketing degree online in 2005 from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.


Matthew Steadman

Web Design / SEO

Matthew dove into the freelance world in 2013 when he realized he needed more work-life balance than his 60+ hour Visual Merchandising job could bring. Through the years, he focused on supporting both creative Web design and project management focused roles. At Softiwred, you will find him balancing both these roles, which is his ``sweet spot`` in projects of any size.


Development Team


Ongoing staff on web developers and contractors who support custom design engineering.

Freelance Contractors

Teams of developers and other agencies support our internal team

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