Managed WordPress PRO Support

Boost your digital marketing with high performance hosting and support.

So you just spent thousands on getting your website designed for your business or organization.  You’ve signed up for hosting. You should be good to go right?

Wrong.  If you’ve had your website built with WordPress you need support!

Your website is your biggest asset for online promoting, internet marketing, customer engagement, and more.  Yet most businesses and organizations don’t protect their investment and end up with big problems.

Here are just a few things that can happen:

  • Getting hacked and penalized by search engines.
  • Lack of ability to manage content
  • Users destroying information
  • Website slow or unresponsive
  • Website crash

When these things happen owners usually panic and have no resource available for solutions.  Fixing problems after they happen can be very expensive and disrupt normal business activities.  In some cases the website may be destroyed beyond repair and no way to restore it.

That’s why it’s critical to make sure you have a support plan.


A Complete Plan for Your Website

The Perfect Combination For Ultimate Protection and Performance

Our Hosting Platform

High Performance Hosting – The cost difference between cheap hosting and high performance is minimal and the best way to improve performance.  We host on Google Cloud for the ultimate in performance!

hosting stack

Our Support System

  • WordPress Updates – The software is continually being updated and your website needs to be upgraded for new versions which offer new features and security.
  • Plugin Maintenance – Your website will be built with additional features called plugins.  These need to be maintained with new versions.
  • Theme Maintenance – Your website is designed with a theme and over time new versions are released to fix problems and may need upgrades over time.
  • Software bug fixes – Typically when upgrading software newer version have conflicts that need to be resolved.
  • Hacker Protection – Even if you keep the software updated there is a potential your website could get hacked.  Keep your website secure with best practices.
  • Backup and Restoration – If something destroys your website even from an administrator user you need to have a plan to restore from a regular backup.
  • WordPress Training – The system is extremely powerful and offers many amazing things as long as users are trained properly.
  • Amazing Support – Our support team is dedicated to getting the support you need as fast as possible.

Options To Fit Your Application

Only pay for what you need. Upgrade or downgrade as needed.

  • Maintenance

  • $49

    Per Month
  • Basic Support

    WordPress Updates

    Plugin Updates

    Basic Security

  • Purchase
  • Business

  • $99

    Per Month
  • Advanced Support

    WordPress Updates

    Pro Plugin Updates

    Enhanced Security

    Pro Theme Support

    Enhanced Performance

    Pro Software License Support

    SSL Encryption

  • Purchase
  • Enterprise

  • $199

    Per Month
  • Priority Support

    WordPress Updates

    Pro Plugin Updates

    Advanced Security

    Custom Theme Support

    Advanced Performance Monitoring

    Pro Software License Support

    SSL Encryption

    Robust Application Support

    Uptime Monitoring

    Platform Integrations

  • Purchase