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Softwired Digital Marketing Stack (Infographic)

Over the years our agency has evolved and grown offering better technology and more services. Our goal is to build an effective foundation and structure so your business can optimize your digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing requires a solid structure. The foundation starts with a high quality website hosted on world class servers. So let’s break this down.


Too many businesses spend thousands of dollars having a high quality website built and then pay for cheap hosting. Huge companies like Godaddy or Siteground overload their servers and give intermittent performance. That means,when a new visitor comes to your website, the site takes too long to load and they leave.

We’ve alway had high quality servers and recently have migrated to Google cloud for next generation technology. Our servers are high performing and won’t slow your website down.

Takeaway: Pay for premium hosting


Some business owners cut corners on having a quality website built by professionals. There’s a good reason that professional web designers cost more. Primarily because they know how to design an engaging website that keeps visitors wanting to learn more.

We build our websites using WordPress because it’s the biggest system on the planet for content management. Running over a third of all websites on the entire internet, no other system comes close.

Takeway: Pay for a business class website


Once you have your website built by a pro and hosted on premium servers you need to have your website optimized. The reason for this is search engines aren’t perfect and still need a little bit of help understanding content on your pages.

There are very specific tools and steps to optimization. Site structure, headings, keyword density, metadata descriptions, links, sitemaps, …etc. are all factors to improve on-site SEO. The process is time consuming and tedious but once done, only needs revisiting occasionally to make sure nothing has been broken.

Takeaway: Optimize website and monitor over time

Inbound Marketing

Creating great content via blogging and promoting through social media is just the first step to creating great campaigns for Inbound Marketing. Offers, trials, and other forms of lead conversions are great ways to gather contacts and potential customers.

We use Hubspot for clients who have businesses in highly competitive markets and require powerful automation tools. In fact, we’ve been a Hubspot partner since 2012 and going strong.

Takeway: Develop an Inbound Marketing strategy and execute

Social Media

Using social media effectively will boost your efforts and amplify your content so it is found and shared online. There are just a few caveats, but for the most part, it’s fairly easy to follow a process that is highly effective and proven.

Our recipe has been developed over years of trial and error to know what works and what doesn’t.

Takeaway: Post actively on social media following the proper rules

Digital Advertising

At the top of the stack lies digital ads for Google, Facebook, and many other platforms. The internet is saturated with content and to cut through the noise we now need to employ some sort of paid advertising that makes sense.

We have years of experience running digital ads and understand what is effective for your business. Custom plans are required to get the best ROI.

Takeaway: Spend a little money to enhance your digital marketing efforts.


Digital marketing is a complex ecosystem that takes a lot of expertise to deliver effectively. Many business owners experiment with different ideas to only fail due to the lack of a holistic plan.

Be informed,be smart, be sure.

Softwired Digital Marketing Stack