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Web Design Matters

Web design trends change dramatically in just a few years. How do we keep up with the trends?

The importance of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) can’t be denied. We all know what it feels like to visit an unattractive website or one that doesn’t work very well.

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User Experience (UX)

Our work revolves around events such as scrolling or clicking on buttons. What happens when your mouse hovers over something? What happens after a set amount of time? The science of user experience (UX/UI) affects our work.

Too many websites are designed poorly. How many times have you looked up something online and clicked on a website to find it takes forever to load? What if a bunch of ads pop up? What do you do? (Hint: Go somewhere else)

Making sure visitors who come to your website have a great experience is fundamental to getting results from your efforts.

You have less than three seconds to get potential customers attention, GO!

User Interface (UI)

Visual aspects are important in many ways to have better engagement and build brand recognition.  Proper design standards are important for the look and feel of the website.

With the responsive nature of websites and how pages fit on different size devices it becomes even more important how your website looks.

We prioritize UI for mobile phones because over 60% of your traffic is now coming from phones and is growing.

Web Design Evolution

Growth Design

Design and graphic standards are constantly changing at a faster rate.  What used to be over five years in a new cycle is now down to two years.  This means we need to constantly refresh our design and content to stay ahead of the competition.

Good design is current, new,  and fresh

Bad design is old, antiquated, and static

When thinking about your website we need to shift our understanding and make a conscious effort to think differently.  

Instead of redesigning your website every two years, it makes more sense to constantly update to stay fresh.

Quality Content

Make sure your website text is easy to read and easily digestible.

Conversion Paths

Map out the buyer journey and test the flow of traffic through your pages.


Perform on-site optimization for search engines for better results.


Refine and continually test performance.


Our web design process follows lean and agile development structures to produce better results for more return for your investment. We don't waste time and money on refinements that won't be effective based on your budget.

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