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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically over the last few years. In the past we could perform certain tasks that would boost search engine rankings for targeted keywords. This strategy is becoming less effective and can cause penalties if detected.

Understanding SEO

SEO takes a lot of skill and expertise and constantly monitoring changes.  Most SEO’s just focus on the mechanics and don’t think in terms of how it affects your business.  Everything is a factor, including the size of your business, market, and goals.

A good example is hiring an SEO to optimize your website when the problem may be other things like the amount of content or how content is interconnected.  Most SEO’s miss important things like site architecture or quality of content.

Our approach is to run tests and determine the best course of action starting with low hanging fruit and go from there.  Optimizing your website is just the first step of constantly monitoring and improving your SEO score.

We are constantly changing and improving our process to keep up with the changes from Google.

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Track Your Progress

Traffic and keywords must be monitored and tracked for consistent results.

Monitor Website for Errors

Monitor Backlinks for Quality

Track Results

Adjust and Improve Results


Analyze your results with tools like Google Analytics or Search Console.  Make improvements, and track results.

Go back, rinse, and repeat.

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