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Accessibility For Your Website

$99.00 / month

Compliance with website accessibility is becoming more important. Fixing your website is expensive. Our software solution is easy and affordable.




Accessibility is becoming more important with changes in the laws and an increase in demand for those who require it.  It’s not only becoming legally important, but it’s just good business.

The problem is to getting your website ADA WCAG compliant takes an incredible amount of work and is expensive.  Typically can cost between $20,000 and $40,000 to become compliant.  On top of that, you need to maintain compliance so creates a cost burden as content and rules change.

This solution is out of reach for the majority of websites so we have found a solution that makes it simple and affordable to manage.  Our accessibility software has AI and gives users total control over which elements they need to have to use your website.

Check out this video for more information: