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Commercial Real Estate Website – Pacific Continental Realty
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Commercial Real Estate Website

We really appreciate our long-standing clients who come back to us over the years with their web design projects and other digital marketing needs. Pacific Continental Realty is a client we’ve had for a number of years; they recently hired us for a commercial real estate website design to build a new brand website that involved a complex integration with Commercial Brokers Association (CBA) listings. We are pleased to share that we have launched a new website! While the site is modern with a great video header, most of the redesign was done in the backend integrating all the listings from CBA.

Website design: We delivered an integrated experience that boosts SEO

The Commercial Brokers Association has around 11,000 listings of commercial property in the PNW. By importing these listings into PCR’s WordPress site, we were able to boost SEO through hyper-local landing pages for specific keywords. PCR’s SEO rankings now dominate the territory, generating hundreds of leads every month.

How we did it

We build cutting-edge custom commercial real estate websites that are fully branded and optimized for search engines and a great user experience. In the last several years, we developed a proprietary import process that combines commercial real estate listings data with WordPress sites. The integration of listings directly into the site is expert-level SEO that exceeds any other SEO options available to commercial real estate brokers by far. When combined with ultimate flexibility in design and user experience, we give brokers unparalleled advantages for online digital presence.

We are proud of the finished product we created for PCR. The website is modern and inviting and is attracting the audience it deserves because of on-site optimization and listings integration. When visitors reach the site, potential clients are immersed in the PCR brand while benefitting from built-in functionality meant to direct them through the buyer journey.


Why do brokers need a website?

Like most businesses, brokers need a website to be competitive in today’s market environment. Specifically, brokers need a website that will generate leads for their business. Whether your brokerage is looking to attract buyers, renters, or property owners, a well-built website and landing pages will help you attract the leads you are looking for.

If your real estate site is not generating leads, know that there are solutions available to you. Work with a digital marketing agency with niche knowledge about the real estate industry.

Commercial Real Estate Website Niche

Over the last few years, we have developed a niche for commercial real estate brokers after creating a proprietary system that allows us to integrate real estate search engines right into our clients’ websites. We are here to support our real estate broker clients’ digital marketing needs from branding exercise through web design, digital sales, and SEO. We have developed a Digital Broker Blueprint to help brokers dominate their local digital space in 90 days. Contact us today to learn more.