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High performance hosting

High Performance WordPress Hosting

One of the biggest problems businesses face when they are building up their digital marketing is not supporting the business website. Even after spending thousands on a website design, business owners will look for the cheapest hosting out there. The thought is that all hosting is pretty much the same. This is why top tier WordPress support is required.

Nothing could be further from the truth

Cheap hosting providers like Godaddy make as much profit by loading as many accounts as they can per server. In a shared hosting environment, that means if your neighbor starts hogging all the bandwidth your site will run more slowly.

We don’t do that. We host using next generation server running on Google cloud. Our performance benchmarks are way faster than those other hosts.

Check out a recent test

We recently copied a website from another bottom tier provider just to compare:

The report on the left is the original provider (fully loaded at 4.7 seconds). The report on the right is on our hosting platform without any addition optimization (fully loaded at 3.2 seconds).

Pagespeed and load times are critical for SEO and user experience. Statistics show that anything over 3 seconds will generate more page abandonment and higher bounce rate.

Once we migrate to our platform the real work begins. Google is strict about website loading performance and we optimize websites for this reason. Our goal is to get the fully loaded times down to around 3 seconds or less.

For more information about our platform and benefits:

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